Register Your Raze Account

Register Your Raze Account

To register a Raze Account, select the token you wish to Mint, Transfer, and Redeem privately via Raze Network.

  • At the current time we only support the BNB Token

If you have not registered a Raze Account before, click on "Register".

Next, you can choose either the "Private Key Generator" or "Pick Your Own Key" options. If you select "Private Key Generator", the key generator will automatically generate a secret key for you.

Click "Confirm" when your MetaMask wallet request pops up, which will pay the Mainnet gas fee for the transaction. Raze Network will automatically download a text file to your computer, which will hold your private key. Please keep it in a safe place, or ideally make a physical copy of your private key and destroy the text file.

If you select "Pick Your Own Key", please make sure your private key is strong and secure. We require your private key to be between 16-64 characters long, and contain at least one (1) lowercase letter and one (1) number.

If you lose your private key, there will be no way to access your Raze Account.

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