Mainnet FAQs

This page addresses the questions from the community regarding our Mainnet. If you do not see your question answered here, please let our CMs know in our Official Telegram and we will get it added!

Error when using Transfer function?

  1. Confirm you have sufficient Raze BNB balance

  2. Make sure the transfer amount is less than or equal to the amount of Raze BNB in your account, NOT the BNB balance in your MetaMask wallet

  3. The recipient address must be a Raze Public Address, you can NOT transfer tokens to a MetaMask wallet

    • Note: You cannot transfer tokens to your own Raze Public Address, doing so will cause an error

    • See photo below for details

Why can I not login to the Mainnet?

  1. Please make sure you are inputting the correct Raze Private Key when logging in

  2. Make sure your MetaMask wallet is set to the BSC-Mainnet Network

    • If you do not know how to set your wallet to the BSC-Mainnet Network, please use the following link

How do I use the Transfer function if I do not know another Raze Public Address?

  • Since you cannot transfer Raze BNB to your own public address, the best thing to do is set up another Raze Account to test the application

  • The additional account will provide you with a second Raze Public Address that you can transfer the Raze BNB between

  • You can use the same MetaMask wallet to login to both of these accounts

Why is the Mainnet not working on Opera or Firefox?

  • The Raze Mainnet has been optimized for Google Chrome, so for proper functionality please use Google Chrome while using

  • More browsers will be fully supported in the future

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