Project Overview


Raze Network is a second-layer protocol that will provide cross-chain payment privacy for the entire DeFi stack of the Polkadot ecosystem. The core technical module of the Raze Network is a second-layer anonymous payment for the DeFi ecosystem. This module will be imported as a substrate-based smart contract which will serve as a universal plug-and-play infrastructure for Polkadot which allows the user to hide one's account address and financial information before participating in the DeFi stack. Since the Zether framework was designed to support the Ethereum account model, the Raze contract will support both tokens issued in the Polkadot ecosystem such as DOT & Kusama as well as ERC-20 cross-chain private payment, and hence significantly increase the liquidity of the Polkadot ecosystem.

The objective of Raze Network is to enable cross-chain privacy-preserving payment and DeFi systems, while protecting the transparency of your assets and behaviors from surveillance. Eventually, Raze Network can anonymize all the cryptocurrency across all chains.

Team Interest

The Raze Network team has deep knowledge of zero-knowledge algorithms and implemented zkSNARK techniques on Ethereum. Our team also has lots of experience in designing and implementing trustless zkSNARK schemes. The background of the team consists of both engineering and academic backgrounds.

Substrate is a new and promising platform to implement this privacy protocol and leverage cross-chain features to achieve state-of-the-art privacy solutions for all DeFi applications. Thus, we are confident that we have the capability to bring more privacy contributions to the Substrate framework as well.


The underlying logic of Raze Network is to mint Private Tokens from Base Tokens on the contract at a minting value ratio of 1:1. It will have three technical abilities:

  • Mint: Converts any token into an anonymized version of itself.

  • Redeem: Converts the anonymized token back into its native form.

  • Transfer: Enables the anonymous transfer of the token, conceal the identity of both sender and receiver, and the amount being sent.


  • Private Transaction: Users can use RAZE to empower the privacy of on-chain transactions between recipient and destination addresses and transfer any token between any blockchain.

  • Secret DeFi Bridge: Users can hide their trading history as RAZE is compatible across all DeFi products. It can be fully compatible with Uniswap, AAVE, Compound and DeFi ecosystem on Polkadot and Cosmos

  • Anonymity Mining: Users can mine RAZE in a truly private way. The access to the liquidity pool always stays anonymous and secure.

  • RazeVM Integration: Builders can implement the privacy-preserving functions with an open protocol giving access to all decentralized applications.


  • Limitless and Seamless: connect to DeFi or Web3.0 product and expand the capability of existing decentralized applications with RazeVM.

  • Crypto friendly and Tradable: To create private tokens. It makes intangible privacy tradable.

  • Decentralized and Interoperable: Substrate framework provides RAZE the attributes of interoperability and Raze Network is a decentralized project building open-source.

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