Truffle Deployment Guide

Environment Setup

0. Check whether you Mac has Homebrew installed:

brew -v

If the command fails, then install Homebrew:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  1. Install node.js and npm.


brew install node
node -v


sudo apt update
sudo apt install nodejs npm
node -v

2. Install Truffle

npm install -g truffle
truffle version

3. Install OpenZeppelin contracts. At the root of this project.

npm install openzeppelin-solidity

Compile and Migrate

  1. Replace the mnemonic variable content with YOUR secret words in truffle.js. (NOTE: your secret words should be held privately in your wallet)

var mnemonic = YOUR_SECRET_WORDS_HERE;

2. Compile the contract

truffle compile --all

3. Deployment

Deploy the contract to the BSC testnet

truffle migrate --reset --network bsc_testnet

OR, deploy the contract to the BSC mainnet

truffle migrate --reset --network bsc_mainnet

4. From the output of the above command, find the address of the RazeETH contract, suppose it is:


Update the Javascript code with the above address in src/razeClient.js

razeApp.contracts.razeETHContract = new razeApp.web3.eth.Contract(razeETHabi, YOUR_RAZEETH_CONTRACT_ADDRESS_HERE);

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