Raze Network
Raze Frontend Architecture

  • Vue UI framework
  • ElementUI
  • Vuex
  • Vue router

yarn install or npm install

yarn serve or npm run serve

yarn build or npm run build

  • src/razeClient.js exports a JS object razeApp , which provides all necessary APIs to interact with the contract:
    • initRazeEthClient : initialize a client to interact with a specific Raze contract that has been deployed on a chain;
    • razeEthLogin : retrieve contract status from the chain for a Raze account secret
    • razeEthRegister : register a Raze account with a provided secret
    • razeEthDeposit : deposit certain amount of native tokens on the Raze contract
    • razeEthWithdraw : withdraw a certain amount of native tokens from the Raze contract
    • razeEthTransfer : transfer a certain amount of Raze tokens from one account to another
  • When the frontend project initializes, it imports razeClient in src/main.js , creates a client instance through initRazeClient , and stores it in a vue instance, so that the whole frontend can call the above APIs through $raze .
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