Mint Privacy Tokens

Deposit your native token to the Raze Network smart contract and mint your privacy tokens.

Mint Privacy Tokens (e.g. BNB -> rBNB)

  • From the home screen, select the token you wish to transfer privately

  • Input your private key and log into your Raze account.

  • Enter the amount of tokens you wish to mint. The unit of measurement is Unit and the unit ratio for each token is different. (e.g. 1 BNB = 100 Units of rBNB)

  • Click "Confirm Mint" to create your privacy tokens (BNB -> rBNB)

  • After you complete the above steps, your Raze account will display your minted privacy token's in units, and your native token amount in your MetaMask account will correspondingly decrease.

  • Privacy tokens, which are anonymized versions of their native tokens, are usually presented as “r” + the name of the native token. For example, privatized $ETH will be listed as rETH on Raze network, $USDT will be listed as rUSDT, and $RAZE will be listed as rRAZE.

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